Generator Set Maintenance Services

Linear Power Systems has an experienced team of service and maintenance personnel who are factory trained and certified. Every member has extensive experience in servicing all generators and system accessories

Our commissioning engineers ensure that emergency standby generator systems are correctly installed to factory requirements and tested before they are put into service

We can provide diagnostic testing with full diagnostic test and analysis report.

PE Certified testing if required.

Substantial components of our maintenance program include:

  • Annual Servicing – Lube Oil Change
  • Load Bank Testing – For Generator and UPS, including single step test
  • Service Parts Availability
  • Annual FSB inspection with PE endorsement

Load Bank Testing

Engine manufacturers recommend regular testing under load conditions to keep the engine performing well.

Our load banks can test your diesel generator set at its rated load. Running diesel generator sets with load helps to remove built-up carbon and prevents build-up of acids in the lube oil. Build-up of carbon particles is detrimental to the engine and can result in improper exhaust valves and piston rings seal.

Your engine will run better, more efficiently, and you are assured that you are doing everything necessary to prevent an inconvenient power outage from becoming a disaster.

Health Check

Singapore Standard CP 31:1996 defines a series of tests and records required for standby generator sets. Our standard maintenance schedule assures that your generator maintenance program meets or exceeds this standard.

The NFPA 110:1999 requires all standby generators run at full load at least once a year to assure they come up to speed and settle in at the proper power to support the emergency equipment that they are in place to run.

Linear Power Systems engineers and technicians provide the necessary equipment to run the full series of tests under load required under the above codes and in compliance with Singapore and international standards and procedures.


With a total capacity of 8MW, our load banks and cables are available for rental. Rental can be equipment only or if required, we can package the rental contract with LPS’ team of service personnel in attendance.

Renewal of Fuel Storage Tank Licensing

To assist you in your on-line electronic renewal of Flammable Materials Storage License for your premise, we provide the following scope of services:

  • To liaise with FSSD, SCDF on the matter of license application.
  • To advise on the amount of license fee payable.
  • To submit the Emergency Response Plan as required by FSSD,
  • To provide Visual Inspection and issue Certificates of Fitness with QP endorsement.

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